Gutter Cleaning why is it so important?

By Richard Trylinski


Everyone hates doing it, but why is gutter cleaning so important to the maintenance of your home?


Your gutters play an integral role in moving water efficiently from your roof to a proper drainage point, if they are not maintained properly they begin to hold water and eventually will start over flowing you may think this isn’t important but turning a blind eye to this will eventually take a big chunk of change from your wallet!


Unmaintained gutters will start overflowing leading to costly repairs down the road!!

Experts say a debris clogged gutter can turn from a key piece of your homes drainage to an absolute nightmare!


Blocked downspouts will prevent water from leaving the system, once the eaves have filled the water will find a place to exit. This can be similar to the above picture where it runs out over the top not causing any damage except to your homeowners pride.


However this is not always the case, a lot of time water will leak behind the gutters on the fascia board where it can warp and strip the paint. Likely it will not stop here, moisture will find its way behind fascia board and into the structure of your home if this is left for too long it can cause rot and mold.


Most importantly gutters serve as you first line of defense for the foundation of your home. Overflowing gutters can allow water to pool beside the house and over time cause major damage to your homes most important structural component.


How often should I clean my gutters?


At least once a year your gutters should be inspected, although if you live in an area that is surrounded by tall trees or if you have trees above gutter lines its recommended to clean your eaves at least twice a year or more depending on the debris load.


Should I clean them myself or hire a pro?


Cleaning gutters if done incorrectly can be a very dangerous job, considering most homeowners don’t have a proper ladder it is recommended to hire a professional gutter cleaner.


When looking for professional gutter cleaners ensure they take safety as a top priority, there are a lot of craigslist jims out there that will climb up on your roof without the necessary fall protection and just lean over the edge and scoop your gutters out. Is it worth saving a couple bucks and hiring these guys and risking a lawsuit against yourself or worse having them seriously injured?


A professional gutter cleaning service will always use the most efficient technique while not compromising safety, these techniques include blowing out the gutters from the roof while harnessed in, using properly rated ladders with standoffs and scooping out the gutters or the preferred technique at Lyonridge Property Services is to use a gutter vacuum system and do most of the cleaning from the ground.


Gutter Vacuum system used to clean gutters from the ground

To learn more about how Lyonridge Property Services uses the most efficient processes without compromising safety to clean your gutters visit our website

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