Why choose LED Christmas Lights?

By Richard Trylinski

Why choose LED Christmas Lights?


LED Christmas light technology has come along way in recent years


You will hear from a lot of people that LED Christmas lights just don’t cut it, you cant see them from the road, they aren’t bright enough and they just don’t have that same warm feeling an incandescent does.


If your buying lights from some big box stores this will be the case, a lot of these lights have only one diode in them and they just cant stand up to its incandescent counter part. However if you hire a professional contractor to install lights for you they should be using a commercial grade LED light, the major difference is the commercial grade light has FIVE DIODES! Furthermore there is a new technology of LED bulb called SMD (Surface Mounted Diode) if you are looking for the Griswold effect without shutting down your blocks power grid SMD are the way to go!


Have you ever noticed that incandescent bulbs are hot to the touch? This is from an inefficient use of power that releases the extra energy burned into heat. How much exactly are you wasting with an incandescent bulb? To compare apples to apples lets say you have 200 feet of Christmas light line on your home, they are on a timer that runs for 8 hours after dusk and you run them from Nov 12 – Jan 1 (51 days). The power consumption from the incandescent bulbs will cost you $88.74, alternatively the LED bulbs will cost $2.86. Now lets dive even deeper into the overall cost of incandescent lights, throughout the lifespan of an LED bulb (60,000 hours) you will need to replace the incandescent 13 times! Not only is this a pain in the glass, it leaves your display looking sloppy and uneven, increases risk of injury from pulling out the ladders to replace them and most importantly over that same 200 feet that’s 2600 extra bulbs being manufactured, mother nature will not be impressed.


In this photo you can see what looks like a beautiful display, upon closer look you can see uneven bulb brightness and burnt out lights

Now that you know how amazing LED lights can be lets talk about price, have you heard the term you get what you pay for? This is absolutely the case with LED the cost is significantly higher than incandescent.


The best way to take advantage of such a great product is to hire a professional installer that leases the lights to you for the season. Taking advantage of the professionals buying power will allow you to get the brightest and most elegant look on the block at a reasonable cost, furthermore the lights will be custom fit to your home instead of “blacking out” the areas where a transition is made. After the season the lights are packed up and stored, leaving you free from the tangled disaster that typically accompanies Christmas lights.


Lyonridge Property Services Christmas light installation package is the perfect choice for you if your looking to be the envy of your neighbourhood without having your power metre spin off the wall. We use commercial grade light line with Minleon SMD bulbs, our designs come with a computer rendering so you can see what your house is going to look like, light rental, takedown and maintenance. Want to change colours next year? No problem that will be no additional charge as long as we are told in advance.


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