Benefits of Roof Cleaning in Vancouver British Columbia

By Jordan Shaw

Cleaning your Roof in Vancouver BC is very important

Living in Vancouver has its perks and cons. The perks of living in Vancouver are endless however with Owning a home near the sea comes with its cons. One of the Cons of living in Vancouver BC means that you will need to constantly be on the watch for cleaning your roof. This is due to the high humidity from the ocean causing moss and algae to grow. Aside from moss and algae growing on your roof, there can be general debris falling the tall trees that grow in and around Vancouver British Colombia.


This short article will cover why you should:

  • Clean the moss off of your roof.
  • Clean the algae off of your roof
  • Clean the general debris such as leaves off of your roof


Cleaning Moss off of your Roof in Vancouver

Moss on your roof is harmful. When roofs have moss on it, the moss can begin to grow under the shingles and lift the shingles up. This can cause damage to your shingles and the general rule of thumb is if you can spot any moss on your roof then it’s time for the moss to be washed. The best way to clean roofs is by soft washing your roof.


How to clean moss and wash moss off your roof.


A lot of old school companies will try to tell you that it is ok to wash the moss from your roof by using high pressure. Using a pressure washer to clean your roof is not an approved method for washing moss off  and can prematurely damage the shingles on your roof. The best method to clean roofs is by the use of soft washing the moss. You will want to treat the moss with a biodegradable solution to kill the moss before it can be effectively washed off with low pressure or “soft washing” the roof. When washing roofs, if done properly the moss should not regrow for 2-4 years depending on how shaded the area is.


Cleaning Algae off your Roof in Vancouver.


Vancouver Roof Cleaning

Algae on your roof is harmful to your eyes and potentially the property value. When roofs have algae on it, it algae can grow onto the entire roof. While algae does not cause damage to the roof, it just makes it look unappealing. The general rule of thumb is if you can spot any algae on your roof then it’s time for the algae on your roof to be washed. The best method for washing algae off your roof is with the use of soft washing your roof.

Roof Cleaning in Vancouver

Roof Cleaning: How to wash algae off your roof.


A lot of old school companies will try to tell you that it is ok to wash the algae off your roof with high pressure, once again this is not a good method as it will damage your shingles. Algae washing off your roof can be done through the use of biodegradable soaps and treating the algae. Your roof can look new again if it has been treated appropriately.


Roof Washing Vancouver


Cleaning leaves and sticks off your roof.


Leaves and sticks on your roof are not harmful however the leaves and sticks can pile into your gutters which can cause your gutters to overflow.  Gutters that overflow can cause water damage to your siding of your house. The general rule of thumb is if you can spot any leaves or general debris on your roof then it’s time for your roof to be cleaned.


Cleaning off the leaves and sticks off your roof can actually be very easy. The best recommended way to roof clean leaves is with the use of a leaf blower set on low. You can then blow all the leaves off the roof and collect them in your green bin.


Roof Cleaners in Vancouver British Columbia


As mentioned above, it is very important to keep your roof clean. This is for both protecting your roof and prolonging the life of it as well. Washing your roof regularly will extend the life of it and increase the curb appeal.

Everyone who works at Lyonridge is Professionally trained in roof cleaning and are considered expert roof cleaners in Vancouver and the surrounding area.  At Lyonridge we offer a 2 year warranty for no regrowth and 3-4 pro rated warranty based on retreatments required. Please note any shady areas that do not receive sunlight are not covered under the warranty.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us directly or click the link on our website to get a free quote on how we can clean your roof in Vancouver BC.

By Jordan Shaw

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